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Example of a 2010 BMW 6 series E63 635d having the aluminum blanking plates fitted.


BMW Diesel Engine Swirl Flap Delete Service

Do you have a BMW diesel manufactured between 2000-2010?

BMW diesel engine’s manufactured between 2000-2010 have swirl flaps fitted to the inlet manifold to provide better combustion under certain load conditions. Unfortunately, whilst the swirl flaps are fitted to aid running they have a design flaw meaning they fatigue with age and in many cases disintegrate and result in total engine failure. The design flaw is a rectangle piece of metal that acts as a valve being held in place with two small screws. The danger is that the small screws that hold the rectangle valve in place over time can work themselves loose and fall out. This resulting in the swirl flap and screws passing through your engine and potentially creating massive damage to your cylinder head, piston, engine block and turbo. The cost of BMW diesel swirl flap failure can easily run into several thousand pounds.


Here at RBM we offer you a solution to this potentially costly repair by removing the swirl flaps altogether and fitting aluminium swirl flap blanking plates. There should be no fuel economy or performance loss with this service. The process starts by removing your inlet manifold. We then remove your original swirl flaps and replace with aluminium swirl flap blanking plates. While your inlet manifold is removed we carry out a full clean of your EGR system and replace all the inlet manifold gaskets before refitting. This service offers total peace of mind and eliminates the danger of the swirl flaps failing. 


Another common fault on these BMW diesel engines is that the swirl flaps fitted to the inlet manifold leak oil. Located underneath the inlet manifold are the glow plugs and glow plug control unit which eventually fail due to oil ingress. By replacing the swirl flaps with aluminium blanking plates eradicates this common oil leak rather than the costly replacement of your entire inlet manifold like the main dealer recommend. 


The 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder diesel engines affected by this are the M57, M47TU and the M57TU which are fitted throughout the BMW model range. Just some of the models these engines are fitted to are the 3 series E46, E90/91/92, 5 series E39, E60/61, X3 E83, X5 E53, E70 and 7 series E65.


Get in touch with RBM today and find out if swirl flaps are fitted to your BMW diesel.

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